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Call for Paper | Turkey's Foreign Policy

We invite you to submit your paper on the recent developments in Turkey’s foreign policy.

Call for Paper Turkey's Foreign Policy

In recent years, Turkey’s foreign policy has been undergoing fundamental transformations. At the system level, Ankara has experienced one of its deepest crises with the U.S., a long-time military ally. At the same time, Turkey’s increasing engagement with Russia alarms their Western allies. At the regional level, there are many challenging issues such as the Syrian crisis, flow of refugees and disputes over gas reserves in the eastern Mediterranean.

As part of these tectonic changes, Ankara has shifted its foreign policy priorities and principles since the mid-2010s. Furthermore, the 2016 military coup attempt represented a turning point both in domestic politics and foreign policy for Turkey. This necessitates new perspectives and illuminating analyses about Turkey’s foreign policy. Accordingly, Fall 2019 (Vol. 21, No. 4) special issue of Insight Turkey will focus on recent developments in Turkey’s foreign policy.

The editorial team will consider the pool of article submissions received by June 1, 2019,and select those they consider to be of the highest quality. Original articles for consideration would be around 5000-7000 words and should be submitted to the journal through e-mail to The selected articles will undergo a peer-review process before publication.


Please see instructions to the contributor on the journal’s website for further information.

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