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Alessia Chiriatti

Instituto Affari Internazionali, Italy
Alessia Chiriatti
Web Panel II | On the Eve of a New Century: Türkiye's Foreign Policy
November 27, 2023
As a continuation of the 1st Panel held on November 10th, Insight Turkey held a second panel entitled "On the Eve of a New Century Türkiye's Foreign Policy," where experts discussed Turkish foreign policy and bilateral relations. As the Insight Turkey team, we are pleased to offer the panel's informative and enlightening commentary on the matter at hand. We invite you to view the complete panel discussion on our YouTube channel.
Italian-Turkish Relations Before and After the War in Ukraine: From NATO Membership to Food Diplomacy
October 2, 2023
This paper explores Italy-Türkiye relations and food diplomacy’s role in shaping international relations, drawing parallels between Harry S. Truman’s 1951 decision to provide emergency grain aid to India and current global diplomacy, especially amid the Ukraine crisis. Truman’s choice, driven by humanitarian concerns and India’s significance during the early Cold War, is examined. The article also explores how Türkiye employs food diplomacy, exemplified by the Black Sea Grain Initiative, to bolster its regional and global influence. It delves into complex Italian-Turkish relations amid the Ukraine conflict, emphasizing NATO membership and food diplomacy’s role in shaping their future ties.

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