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Ali Yaşar Sarıbay

Uludağ University, Turkey
Ali Yaşar Sarıbay
The June 24 Elections: On Political Change and the Future of Turkey
October 1, 2018
On June 24, 2018, two elections that determine Turkey’s future took place. By focusing on the political transformation that shaped the June 24 elections and produced its outcome, this commentary attempts to show the factors that led to the new system in Turkey, through historical and sociological processes. Furthermore, it attempts to discuss the future projection of Turkish politics in the light of the election results.
Political Parties, the Political System and Turkey
October 1, 2016
Even though they are not the sole forms of organization in a democratic system, political parties constitute the most effective bodies of people’s will. A large volume of empirical research has been conducted for a concrete clarification of the cyclical relationship between the types of election system, political party system and political system. This paper aims to examine this relationship by focusing on different states, with a special focus on Turkey. It is argued that the more democratic a political system is, the more democratically political parties will have to function, and that the higher the eagerness of political parties to function democratically, the more the democratic capacity of a political system will expand.

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