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Ali Bakır

Qatar University, Qatar
Ali Bakır
Web Panel II | On the Eve of a New Century: Türkiye's Foreign Policy
November 27, 2023
As a continuation of the 1st Panel held on November 10th, Insight Turkey held a second panel entitled "On the Eve of a New Century Türkiye's Foreign Policy," where experts discussed Turkish foreign policy and bilateral relations. As the Insight Turkey team, we are pleased to offer the panel's informative and enlightening commentary on the matter at hand. We invite you to view the complete panel discussion on our YouTube channel.
Post-Ottoman Legacy in the Middle East: A Compendium of 100 Years of Turkish Foreign Policy
October 2, 2023
The dissolution of the Ottoman Empire set the stage for Türkiye’s evolving foreign policy in the Middle East, a region deeply intertwined with its historical legacy. From the Treaty of Lausanne in 1923 to the rise of the AK Party in the early 2000s, Türkiye’s approach has been marked by pragmatism, adaptability, and a keen understanding of regional dynamics. The nation's foreign policy has oscillated between neutrality, revisionism, proactivity, reactivity, assertiveness, autonomy, and diplomacy, reflecting both its historical ties and strategic imperatives. As Türkiye continues to navigate the complexities of the Middle East, its foreign policy remains a testament to its enduring resilience and strategic acumen. By tracing its roots and evolution, the article sheds light on the myriad factors that have shaped its course, offering insights into the evolving nature of Türkiye’s multifaceted and adaptive foreign policy and role in the Middle East over the last 100 years (1923-2023).

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