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Mustafa Altıntaş

Qatar University
Mustafa Altıntaş
Energy Politics in the MENA Region: From Hydrocarbons to Renewables?
July 7, 2023
Energy Politics in the MENA Region: From Hydrocarbons to Renewables? could be a good resource for scholars, students, and even politicians interested in understanding the possible effects on the EU of MENA’s energy sources. The book is well-organized and academically rigorous, and it provides relevant insights into the problems and potential of energy diversification, as well as the implications for the EU’s energy security.
China’s Economic and Political Presence in the Middle East and South Asia
December 27, 2022
This book presents a holistic perspective of China’s presence in the discussed countries. Even readers unfamiliar with Chinese foreign policy and the BRI can grasp the general topic. This book, in general, sticks by China’s non-interference policy in each chapter. As mentioned earlier, some concepts like the Islamic world, are used unclearly and referred to very little. Nonetheless, it is very useful in terms of future suggestions. I recommend the book as a good reference for graduate students, academicians, and people who wonder how China works.

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