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Afshan Khan

İstanbul Sabahattin Zaim University
Afshan Khan
The Nation Form in the Global Age: Ethnographic Perspectives
July 7, 2023
The Nation Form in the Global Age: Ethnographic Perspectives propels us to imagine ourselves without nation-states or think beyond them. The volume urges scholars and future works to think of a few questions such as: Can we think of an alternative to nationalism and nation-states? Does religion play a uniform role in forming or obstructing a national identity? Apart from the anthropologists, the book will also enrich the under-standing of historians, sociologists, scholars of politics, and anyone interested in reading an alternative account of nationalism, modernity, and non-western experiences of secularism.
A Political Theory of Muslim Democracy
December 27, 2022
A Political Theory of Muslim Democracy is a fresh, timely, and groundbreaking work for readers and academics interested in the current philosophical debates ranging from liberalism, modernity, and multiculturalism to religion and politics. It is also a rich source of reference for those who are interested in the debates surrounding the Muslim world and MENA region politics. Additionally, it is a valuable contribution to the literature on democracy, secularism, and the public sphere, especially in the emerging field of comparative political theory.

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