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Basheer M. Nafi

Senior research fellow at Aljazeera Centre for Studies, [email protected]
Basheer M. Nafi
Egypt at a Crossroads: The Presidential Elections and Their Aftermath
July 1, 2012
On June 17, Egypt ended the second and final round of the first presidential election since the removal of Mubarak and his regime in February 2011. This was a long-awaited appointment on the revolutionary calendar, as many Egyptians hoped that the election of a new president would conclude the long and drawn-out transitional period. Since the fall of Mubarak, Egypt has been ruled by the 19 generals of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, who were expected to hand over power to the new president. But the new president, Dr Muhammad Mursi, was the Muslim Brothers candidate. Against all odds, Mursi came first in the first round of elections, and went on to triumph against a powerful opponent in the second. To contain Mursi’s rise to the presidency and secure their share of power and influence, the military took a number of preemptive measure aimed at limiting the president’s power and authority. This is an examination into the presidential elections and their aftermath.
The Arabs and Modern Turkey: A Century of Changing Perceptions
November 21, 2009
For centuries, the Arabs and Turks were subjects of the Ottoman Sultanate and were largely shaped by the dominant Ottoman culture and mode of religiosity. The founding of the Turkish Republic and several Arab starts during the 1920s created a new political map in the region and subsequently led to the involvement of a new Arab consciousness of the modern Turkey. This article explains the role played by four major factors in framing the Turkish image in Arab eyes: interpretations of the Ottoman past, legacy of the Kemalist era, conflicts and alliances of the Cold War period, and the recent rise to power of the Justice and Development Party. The article concludes by underlining the challenges that the Arabs and the Turks are now facing to enhance the relations between them as nations, not subjects of an empire.

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