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Beril Dedeoğlu

Galatasaray University, Turkey
Beril Dedeoğlu
Neo-Functionalist Regional Integration Theory Put to Test in Asia: New Regionalism around India and ASEAN
October 1, 2017
Among regional integration theories that have evolved since the 1960s, neo-functionalism remains one of the essential tools to understand why nations decide to put together their economic and political destinies and how a regional integration process unfolds. The European Union remains the most advanced integration case so far, but integration movements may emerge in other parts of the world, as well. ASEAN is an interesting study case from this perspective, even though it is not yet an accomplished integration movement. The article aims to discuss the evolution of the relations between India and ASEAN, and see whether or not India’s rapprochement with the organization may turn into an impetus for ASEAN to enhance its integration effort.
Turkey and the West after the Failed Coup: Possible Scenarios
July 1, 2016
Western powers are the main players that determine the national and international policies of Turkey, a NATO-member and a candidate country to the EU. The converse is also true, meaning that Turkey’s domestic political developments have always had an influence over the country’s relations with the West. The July 15 coup attempt is no exception in this regard. The botched coup is, without a doubt, a turning point in Turkey’s political history. Therefore, the present article aims at conceptualizing the eventual consequences of the July 15 coup attempt for Turkish foreign policy.

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