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Bruno Maçães

Hudson Institute, U.S.
Bruno Maçães
Earth Power in the New Geopolitics
October 11, 2022
The best way to think about the climate emergency is to imagine humanity has just arrived at a new planet somewhere in a distant galaxy. After all, as scientists tell us, our planet Earth will soon look like a new planet, with conditions radically changed from the ‘climate niche’ of the past 10,000 years, during which human civilization developed. Once settled on the new planet, our task is to terraform it, to build a new natural environment fit for human life and human flourishing. My general approach to the politics of climate change thus differs from the most common view among environmentalists. I do not believe we can speak of climate change as a product of the Anthropocene, the human-built world. Our inability to control the consequences of climate change shows this is still at heart a natural process, one triggered by human beings or, more specifically, by our limited ability to control natural processes and therefore by our incapacity to control the unintended consequences of our actions and choices. The solution to the climate emergency is not to exit the Anthropocene but, intriguingly, to enter it for the first time. The world building is a task significantly full of existential meaning and urgency.
China and India: The Struggle for Mastery in Eurasia
January 1, 2018
This article examines the economic and strategic rivalry between China and India along with a number of dimensions: infrastructure, border disputes, sea power, and trade. The two countries increasingly pose a strategic challenge to each other, as India, fearing Chinese encirclement, emerges as an obstacle to China’s projection of power. Insufficiently studied, the clash of visions and interests between China and India is now a central feature of global politics and the most volatile element of Chinese foreign policy. The evolution of this rivalry will dramatically impact the rest of the world.

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