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Ching-An Chang

National Chengchi University, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Ching-An Chang
Web Panel | On Climate Migration Exploring Cases from Türkiye and Beyond
May 17, 2023
After the Winter 2022 Issue on Climate Change and Migration was released, Insight Turkey organized an online where experts discussed climate migration with a focus on cases from Turkey and beyond. As the Insight Turkey team, we hope that the panel's comments are informative and provide a better knowledge of the issues at hand. A video of the entire panel session is available on our YouTube channel
A More Effective Refugee Policy: Reinvestigating the Socio-Economic Composition of Syrian Refugees in Turkey
March 29, 2022
This paper analyzes the socio-economic composition of Syrian refugees in Turkey and the potential it offers for facilitating the planning of refugee policy. The most severe humanitarian crisis since WWII, the Syrian conflict has already lasted for more than 10 years. Turkey is hosting almost four million Syrians –more than any other country. Given the prolonged nature of the conflict and the slim hope of a quick resolution, various studies and reports have suggested that Turkey should develop a policy of integration. While most of the literature on Syrian refugees has categorized them as homogenous people in need, the findings from this study suggest that the socio-economic composition of Syrian refugees is diversified and can affect the kind of refugee policy that could be implemented. This paper argues that reinvestigating the group’s diversified socio-economic composition could facilitate the planning of an effective refugee policy in Turkey.

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