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On Turkish politics and International affairs


Eftal Şükrü Batmaz

Khoja Akhmet Yassawi International Kazakh-Turkish University, Kazakhstan
Eftal Şükrü Batmaz
Chinese Institutional Diplomacy toward Kazakhstan: The SCO and the New Silk Road Initiative
October 1, 2018
Today the established cooperation between China and Kazakhstan has reached the strategic partnership level. Also, the two neighboring countries are partners in the international large-scale projects as the SCO and the New Silk Road Initiative. This paper claims that these projects are mostly lead by China. Moreover, it is argued that the SCO is aimed to solve the security issues and the New Silk Road Initiative embodies the economic agenda of the bilateral relations. Kazakhstan’s role and position is significant due to different reasons, while the Kazakhstani public remains cautious about the Chinese activity in Kazakhstan. The two named mechanisms are eventually focused on economical and cultural leadership of China among the secured multilateral cooperation in the continent.

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