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Erdem Dikici

Erdem Dikici
Everyday Lived Islam in Europe
October 1, 2016
There is a substantial body of literature on Muslims and Islam in Europe, which largely focuses on institutionalized forms of Islam such as social movements or issues pertaining to discrimination and integration. Everyday Lived Islam in Europe, however, is a significant edited volume that advances and promotes an “everyday” approach to study Muslims and Islam in Europe. The volume concentrates on the study of “everyday” aspects of religion as lived by ordinary people, people who do not rely on the support of any particular religious group. Contributors of the volume seek to explore the less-institutional and less visible dimensions of Islam in Europe through ethnography; that is, they aim to shed light on different forms of religiosity, the ways in which Islam shapes Muslims’ everyday life in societal domains (i.e. schools, shops), how new technologies impact the relationship between Islamic knowledge and authority and ‘how religion operates within these and plays out across them in the life trajectories of individuals’ (p. 2). Everyday Lived Islam in Europe is an important collection of essays that can make a significant contribution to the contemporary studies of Muslims and Islam in Europe.
Muslims and Jews in France: History of a Conflict
January 1, 2016
The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been, to a certain extent, shaping not just the relations between Israel and Muslim-majority countries but also the nature of the relationship between Jews and Muslims in the diaspora. In fact, many people tend to see the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as the only noteworthy factor that forms Jewish-Muslim relations in the diaspora –thanks to the Western media that have been relentlessly selling this narrative of conflict.
Foreigners, Minorities and Integration: The Muslim Immigrant Experience in Britain and Germany
October 1, 2015
In Foreigners, Minorities and Integration: The Muslim immigrant experience in Britain and Germany, Sarah Hackett focuses on Muslim immigrants’ experiences of migration and integration with an exclusive focus on employment, housing, and education at a local level. She focuses on Muslims of Newcastle and Bremen, yet she also examines the patterns of national histories of migration and integration of Germany and Britain in detail based on government archives and reports.
The Future of Religious Freedom Global Challenges
October 1, 2014
Recently, there has been a growing body of literature on the multifaceted relationship between religion, politics and security in both national and global contexts, with a special emphasis on church-state relations and/or secularism. Various aspects and influences of religion on a variety of thematic issues occupy columns, journals and books. However, one might argue that the same does not apply for the study of religious freedom. The violation of religious freedom is a phenomenon that has been observed not only under authoritarian regimes or Third World countries, but also in democratic and so-called civilized nations.

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