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Eşref Yalınkılıçlı

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Eşref Yalınkılıçlı
Uzbekistan as a Gateway for Turkey’s Return to Central Asia
October 1, 2018
After two decades of downhill diplomacy, Turkey and Uzbekistan have pledged to deepen bilateral ties in years to come. Given its geopolitical importance, Uzbekistan can help Turkey’s reintegration with the Turkic world. Thus, Ankara’s relationship with Tashkent constitutes one of the backbones of its long-anticipated opening up to Central Asia. In this vein, Turkey’s cooperation with Uzbekistan in the new era seems indispensable for the sake of its interests and influences in the region. A full-fledged Turkish-Uzbek partnership from now can be materialized through a decisive political will of both sides and gradual institutional changes in their foreign policies.

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