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Flora Hajdarmataj

Anadolu University
Flora Hajdarmataj
Cyberwars in the Middle East
October 19, 2022
Cyberwars in the Middle East is a study that spans a decade of cybercorporations in the Middle East, presented as an investigation of several cases of cyberwars in international, regional, and internal politics. al-Rawi presents empirical findings based on several case studies using mixed methods; sources of the book include academic references, social media, newly declassified documents, the WikiLeaks archive, and news reports. Other scholars, experts, and practitioners will find al-Rawi’s cyberwar model useful in studying other geographical regions and contexts. Al-Rawi encourages future research to examine the many unexplored aspects of this field, such as interviewing trolls to get a better understanding of their viewpoints and motivation.
America’s Covert War in East Africa: Surveillance, Rendition, Assassination
September 23, 2020
America’s Covert War in East Africa discloses the hidden face of security policy violations in the dark prisons of the CIA, and how much “War on Terror” complexity exists not only in the region but also in the world. War on Terror issues in regions like East Africa and around the world share some common themes across territories, although these themes manifest in different ways.

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