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Hatice Karahan

İstanbul Medipol University, Türkiye
Hatice Karahan
Syrian Women in the Turkish Labor Market: Understanding Their Labor Supply Behavior
March 30, 2023
This study explores the various dynamics that Syrian women under temporary protection in Türkiye encounter in the labor market. By conducting a qualitative study on female Syrian employees residing in six different cities in Türkiye and basing our analysis on the neoclassical theory of labor supply, the study seeks to elucidate nationwide factors that potentially affect these women’s work decisions. It also attempts to identify if any differences exist in the labor market outcomes for Syrian women compared to their female Turkish counterparts or male Syrian counterparts. Therefore, the study employs a gender perspective and aims to provide an in-depth analysis of the experiences of working Syrian women by distinguishing them from the overall Syrian population living in Türkiye. Study findings point to both pecuniary and nonpecuniary factors that shape the labor supply behavior of these women.
Political Climate and the Headscarf Issue in Turkey: A Perspective from the Labor Market
March 29, 2022
This article focuses on the relationship between the socioeconomic rights of headscarved women and the political attitude of governments towards the headscarf in Turkey. Taking the 2013 removal of bans against the headscarf in the public sphere as the reference point, we attempt to provide a before-and-after comparison of the status of headscarved professionals in the Turkish labor market, based on factors in the political climate. While focusing mainly on the changing outlook in the public sector, we also examine the consequences of this liberalizing move on the private sector and explore the likely futures of the headscarf issue from a labor market perspective. Findings from the qualitative research reveal the strong influence political attitude has on the headscarf issue, as evident in the employment of headscarved women in white-collar occupations. We discovered that the political climate is still expected to be the key dynamic in Turkey that shapes the future for professionals wearing the headscarf, primarily through the channel of the state job market. This study contributes to the vast literature on women’s social and economic rights by addressing a decades-long, divisive issue that concerns a substantial segment of Turkish society.

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