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Kemal Özden

Kemal Özden
Muslim Laws, Politics and Society in Modern Nation States
October 1, 2010
In this book, the author focuses on Muslim people’s social and legal situation and their legal attitudes from various points of view. The book has eight chapters: “Law, Politics and Society in the Post-Modern Condition”; “Dynamic Legal Pluralism, Muslim Legal Pluralisms; Muslim Legal Pluralism in England”; “Muslim Legal Pluralism in Turkey”; “Muslim Legal Pluralism in Pakistan”; “Post-Modern Muslim Legality and its Consequences”; and “Looking to the Future”.
Hybrid Sovereignty in the Arab Middle East; the Cases of Kuwait, Jordan, and Iraq
November 22, 2009
The Middle East has been among the most problematic regions of the modern world for several decades. Undemocratic regimes, continuous coups d'etat, abuses of human rights, permanent wars and civil wars, unfortunately, display the disadvantageous faces of those countries that actually might offer a prosperous and peaceful life for their people.

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