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Magdalena Kumelska-Koniecko

University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, Poland
Magdalena Kumelska-Koniecko
Web Panel II | On the Eve of a New Century: Türkiye's Foreign Policy
November 27, 2023
As a continuation of the 1st Panel held on November 10th, Insight Turkey held a second panel entitled "On the Eve of a New Century Türkiye's Foreign Policy," where experts discussed Turkish foreign policy and bilateral relations. As the Insight Turkey team, we are pleased to offer the panel's informative and enlightening commentary on the matter at hand. We invite you to view the complete panel discussion on our YouTube channel.
Iran-Russia-Türkiye Triangle: A Challenge for the U.S. Position in the Middle East
October 2, 2023
The American-centric world order that was shaped after the end of the Cold War is being questioned by dynamically growing “old” and “new” centers of power, namely Russia and China. Entities united in opposition to American hegemony pursue policies that challenge not only the U.S. position but more importantly American interests. This process has been especially visible in the wake of the civil war in Syria. This article aims to analyze the U.S. Middle East strategy in the context of ongoing redistribution of power in the region, influenced by the Iran-Russia-Türkiye triangle. It claims that Syria’s civil war stimulated the formation of this triangle and significantly influenced the further evolution of the balance of power in the region, posing both a direct challenge and an indirect threat to the American position and its interests in the Middle East. The article argues for the necessity of correcting the American Middle East strategy, as the one implemented so far opened the door to other powers to compete for influence in the Middle East.

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