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Mahmut Özer

Minister of Education, Türkiye
Mahmut Özer
The Relationship between Cultural Power and Education in Light of the Development of Education in Türkiye over the Last Two Decades
August 26, 2022
Over the last 20 years, Türkiye’s education system has undergone a period of transformation. The process of universalization from primary to higher education was largely achieved as Türkiye prioritized regions with comparatively lower schooling rates by making grand investments and conducting major projects. Furthermore, hiring new teachers and investing in new schools and classrooms have increased the quality of education, even as schooling rates rose. These investments and improvements led to a simultaneous rise in both universalization and quality in Türkiye’s education system. Significantly, they also led to increases in the democratic aspects of education; the coefficient regulation and the headscarf ban were removed. Diversity in elective courses also increased in response to social demand, and academic support for all students expanded. Together, these changes indicate that Türkiye’s education system has overcome the challenges it had inherited from the past and has increased its capacity to become even more effective and equitable for all children.
The Internationalization of Higher Education in Turkey: Realities, Motivations and Opportunities
October 1, 2016
The internationalization of higher education constitutes one of the essential components that countries pursue. As economic growth and qualified higher education are directly related, many countries in the global competitive environment are re-evaluating their higher education systems. After a brief examination of the situation in the world, this commentary focuses specifically in the Turkish case. It argues that Turkey has taken strategic steps in recent years to strengthen the internationalization of its higher education system. In this regard, the paper will deal with the main challenges and future possibilities for the Turkish education system.

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