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Insight Turkey
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Masaki Kakizaki

University of Utah
Masaki Kakizaki
American Image in Turkey: U.S. Foreign Policy Dimensions
January 1, 2012
The US-Turkish relationship has faced trouble since the Iraq War. On the one hand, the current Justice and Development Party government has pursued new foreign policy initiatives toward its neighbors in the Middle East.
Passive Revolution: Absorbing the Islamic Challenge to Capitalism
January 1, 2010
While Islamic fundamentalism or “radical Islam” has attracted a great deal of public attention, some societies in the Muslim world have experienced the gradual evolution of radical Islam into “moderate” or “political” Islam. Although moderate Muslims in such societies still maintain a pious commitment to Islam in their daily lives, they are not necessarily against the idea of a market economy, democracy, or the West.
Human Rights in Turkey
November 22, 2008
Human Rights in Turkey provides a comprehensive picture of the present conditions of human rights issues and government policies in Turkey

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