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Neslihan Tezcan

İstanbul Medipol University, Türkiye
Neslihan Tezcan
Exploring Climate Migration and Environmental Security: Türkiye to America and Beyond
April 1, 2024
Since all three books were published in 2023, they are foremost among the works that will be useful for those interested in this topic, as they are up-to-date and address current issues on the relationship between climate change, forced migration, and environmental security. Many studies conducted around the world reveal that the effects of climate change will become much more visible both in the world and in Türkiye, especially in the next decade, and that the lives of millions of people will be directly negatively affected. For this reason, it is important to conduct qualitative and quantitative studies on what awaits Türkiye in terms of climate-related risks, especially in terms of migration.
Turkey’s Security: New Threats, Indigenous Solutions, and Overseas Stretch
October 19, 2022
Turkey’s Security: New Threats, Indigenous Solutions and Overseas Stretch is remarkably thorough. Even readers completely unfamiliar with Türkiye’s historical and recent security issues, problems, deficiencies, and achievements would have a respectable grasp of these topics by the time they finish the book. The book makes a compelling argument that Türkiye faces formidable adversaries, so it should be more powerful, careful, and productive on its security issues, policies, and investments, and should diminish its dependence on foreign sources in the defense industry and apply security policies even more cleverly. I recommend this book to university students, academicians, and people who want to know Türkiye’s security issues comprehensively and encapsulated from several decades ago to today.
Democratic Uprisings in the New Middle East: Youth, Technology, Human Rights and Foreign Policy
April 1, 2018
Mahmood Monshipouri’s Democratic Uprisings in the New Middle East: Youth, Technology, Human Rights and Foreign Policy fills the gap by providing a substantial analysis of the “extraordinary events of the 2011 Arab revolts and beyond. The role of the youth, new media technologies, rising demand for open politics, open society and human rights.”

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