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Nurullah Ardıç

Sociology Department, İstanbul Şehir University
Nurullah Ardıç
Civilizational Discourse, the ‘Alliance of Civilizations’ and Turkish Foreign Policy
July 1, 2014
The main orientation of Turkish foreign policy has recently been described as Europeanization, Middle Easternization, or Islamization. This article offers an alternative reading of its discourse as a civilizational one, arguing that the concept of civilization has increasingly, albeit vaguely, been employed in Turkish foreign policy discourse in three different layers – national, regional and universal. Turkish foreign policy makers often invoke (and occasionally switch between) these different layers of civilization in a flexible manner, which adds dynamism to Turkish policies. Often integrated with the domestic and foreign policies of the AK Party government, this pragmatic discourse has proved useful for its proactive and assertive diplomacy. Based on the discourse analysis method, this article explores how and why the concept of civilization is utilized within this discourse.
Secularism and Religion-Making
January 1, 2014
Recent scholarship in the sociology of religion has produced fresh perspectives on the understanding of religion and its inter-relationships with society.

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