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Ozay Mehmet

Carleton University, Canada
Ozay Mehmet
The Ottoman Legacy and Neo-Ottomanism: A Review Article
November 28, 2020
The three books selected for review here shed new light on the current popularity of Neo-Ottomanism and the bloody endgame of the Empire in 1918. 
Still Awaited: A Truly Objective History of the Making of the Modern Middle East
January 1, 2017
We are now witnessing a harvest of new history books on the making of the modern Middle East. Five are chosen for a critical review below. They are works by experts, well-researched and highly readable and infinitely more objective than the over-supply of Eurocentric or Orientalist books of the past. Yet, all four have limitations, lacking due Ottoman/Turkish/Arab/Muslim sentiment and “flavor.” The fifth on the Ottoman siege of Vienna is illuminating and relevant to the on-going debate on Turkey-EU relations. It, too, has its limitations

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