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Peter Admirand

Peter Admirand
ISIS: A History
January 1, 2017
As of this writing in late February 2017, ISIS has lost much territory and financial capital since their peak a year or so ago, when the book under discussion was about to go to press. In this regard, the author of ISIS: A History, Fewaz A. Gerges, would not have been surprised, having written: “As a totalitarian-religious movement, ISIS will ultimately self-destruct, not because it commits evil deeds, but because it lacks a political imagination and its ideology is deeply at odds with the values and ways of life of local communities” (p. 29).
Turkey, the Jews, and the Holocaust
April 1, 2015
Before wading in, as an outsider, to the controversial issue of Turkey and the Holocaust, a reminder of what was lost that can never, ever be regained. More important than a people or country’s so-called honor or the selfish need to proclaim moral purity or superiority over others, there are the cries of the victims and their loved ones. No earthly justice, no laws, or apologies, or “proof” of innocence or vows of change will alter that. There are some wounds that never fully heal. Numbers – and we are always inundated by numbers when writing of mass atrocities – fail to convey the horror, even as such accounting must occur. Too many tragedies, too many atrocities, fuelled

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