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Sabbir Hasan

Turkish National Police Academy
Sabbir Hasan
The Rise of a New Superpower: Turkey’s Key Role in the World Economy and Energy Market
July 24, 2018
During the radical economic transformation taking place over the last decades, which is characterized by the decline of the West, Turkey has emerged as one of the strongest countries to sustain economic progress. This steady economic growth has brought Turkey to the threshold of becoming a high-income country. Turkey has also progressed by accomplishing almost all of the conditions necessary to achieving EU membership, although, according to EU member states, Turkey still has work to do to fulfill the standards. Angelo Arcuri, lecturer at the European School of Economics and Head of the International Business Department at Confindustria Firenze, the Employers’ Association of Florence, describes Turkey’s economic situation in his academic book, The Rise of a New Superpower: Turkey’s Key Role in the World Economy and Energy Market.
Fortress Europe: Inside the War Against Immigration
October 3, 2017
Carr segments the book into 12 chapters in two parts; he points out the irony between theoretical liberalization and the practical hardening of border policy, which has increased human trafficking, abuse, assaults and organized crime. Carr also paints a realistic view of European media, politicians, and writers who have strongly criticized the war on immigration, which they liken to the war on terror.  

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