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Şerif Onur Bahçecik

Middle East Technical University
Şerif Onur Bahçecik
Behind the Veil: A Critical Analysis of European Veiling Laws
March 24, 2020
Behind the Veil deepens the literature with its specific focus on the question of veiling and the way it is approached in European legislation and through the jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).
The Protections for Religious Rights: Law and Practice
October 3, 2017
In the last decade, discussions around religious rights, particularly the rights of Muslim migrant populations in the West, have occupied considerable space in the media, academia and political life. These discussions often revolve around the notion of ‘Islamophobia’ and only very recently has the matter been approached from a rights and human rights angle. This volume represents an important example in this direction. It presents a fairly comprehensive assessment of the legal protection of religious rights and has an international perspective, although it is mainly written with England and Wales in mind.

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