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Stefan Ihrig

University of Cambridge
Stefan Ihrig
Die Tükei, die Juden und der Holocaust
July 1, 2010
Within a larger trend of critically rewriting the history of the early Turkish Republic, the history of the Jews in 20th century Turkey has received a lot of attention lately. In Turkey, there is now a growing body of literature somewhat dominated by the work of Rıfat N. Bali.[1] And in Germany as well, there have been some interesting additions to the existing research.
Exil unter Halbmond und Stern Herbert Scurlas Bericht über die Tärigkeit deutscher Hochschullehrer in der Türkei während der Zeit des Nationalsozialismus
January 1, 2010
German-Turkish relations in the twentieth century were at times very good and very close, at times cold, semi-colonial, and often difficult, but always complex and never black and white.

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