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Şule Toktaş

Şule Toktaş
Ethnicity, Migration and Enterprise
April 1, 2012
Under the impact of globalization, and despite increased calls for diversity to be recognized, universal citizenship rights that safeguard individual rights and freedoms fall short of grasping diversity. International migration and minority issues are contributory facets of this process. Citizenship has become susceptible to international migration and the minority issues, and the relationship established with the nation-state in the form of membership or belonging has gotten disrupted. States are now compelled to develop new policies to deal with the consequences of international migration and the challenge of minority groups.
International Migration and Citizenship Today
July 1, 2010
This book is a coherent and informative study of international migration with a specific focus on the reception of migrants in the West, in the words of the author “the wealthier” countries, particularly in the Unites States. Niklaus Steiner introduces two questions that constitute the focus of the study.

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