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Valeria Giannotta

Italian Center Study for International Politics, Italy
Valeria Giannotta
Web Panel I | On the Eve of a New Century: Türkiye's Foreign Policy
November 24, 2023
After the Summer 2023 Issue on the Century of Türkiye was released, Insight Turkey organized an online where experts discussed Turkish foreign policy and bilateral relations. As the Insight Turkey team, we hope that the panel's comments are informative and provide a better knowledge of the issues at hand. A video of the entire panel session is available on our YouTube channel
Western Perception and Media Coverage of Türkiye’s Elections
June 25, 2023
Media coverage of the recent elections in Türkiye, especially in the first round, has proven the profound distortion of image and misperception in some Western circles. Although a biased reading of the events, which pivots mainly on ideological connotations, aimed at influencing the outcome of the vote, it resulted in mere wishful thinking. The role of the media in influencing communication through the framing of the agenda has empirical evidence; however, in the case of Türkiye, a cognitive gap has opened up between expectations and reality, which lies on a non-objective and sometimes emotional interpretation of the facts. The electoral results, by denying once again any superficial prediction and manipulation attempt, must be read as a lesson on how to look at Türkiye, its government, and its people and therefore generate more accurate and genuine information.

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