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Vişne   Korkmaz 

Nişantaşı University, Turkey
Vişne   Korkmaz 
Web Panel | New Geopolitics in the Eastern Mediterranean
June 9, 2022
As a continuation of the 1st Panel held on March 26, Insight Turkey held a second panel entitled the "New Geopolitics in the Eastern Mediterranean" . The panelists discussed the Eastern Mediterranean issue from different perspectives. The panel, which was held online due to the COVID-19 pandemic, was broadcast live on YouTube and other social media platforms.
A New Alliance Axis in the Eastern Mediterranean Cold War: What the Abraham Accords Mean for Mediterranean Geopolitics and Turkey
March 9, 2021
The new Cold War has arrived in the Eastern Mediterranean. At the strategic level, Chinese economic and Russian military assertiveness have led the U.S. to think twice about its mistakes, which opened up a power vacuum in this strategic geopolitical realm. Until today, the U.S. has seemed to use three axes of alliances that have emerged as Israeli-based, flexible, and benefit-oriented alignments at the level of regional rivalry. These alignments, especially in the context of the Abraham Accords, are unfortunately expected to reinforce pre-existing divisions in the region unless a radical change occurs. This study examines how and why Washington must embrace the logic of alliance axes to shape the Eastern Mediterranean and explores the projected impact of the U.S.-initiated Abraham Accords on regional geopolitics.

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