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Yaprak Gürsoy

Yaprak Gürsoy
Turkey’s European Future: Behind the Scenes of America’s Influence on EU-Turkey Relations
October 1, 2013
TURKEY’S EUROPEAN FUTURE tackles the question of how the United States (US) has influenced relations between the European Union (EU) and Turkey, and especially the decisions of the EU on Turkey. Except for a few notable scholarly articles, US-EU-Turkey relations have not been investigated in depth. In this well-written and well-organized book, Tocci addresses this gap in the literature by thoroughly examining in what ways, mechanisms, and in which direction the United States has had an impact on the decisions of the EU regarding Turkey. The book focuses mostly on the 1990s and 2000s, however the main findings provide considerable insight for the earlier periods, as well as for the future.
In the Long Shadow of Europe: Greeks and Turks in the Era of Postnationalism
October 1, 2009
In the Long Shadow of Europe brings together 14 articles on Greece and Turkey with the purpose of finding answers to the following questions: how has Europe affected Greek-Turkish relations; can the rapprochement that started in 1999 lead to the resolution of conflict in bilateral issues; and can the European Union further incite cooperative relations in areas of high politics? The authors of the book argue that, since the formation of their nation-states, both Greece and Turkey and their relations with one another have been affected by Europe. The new post-national European context and the European Union have played at least the part of a catalyst in the current rapprochement. The contributors of the volume, however, “agree that the sustainability of the rapprochement has yet to be consolidated” (p.4). Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that the EU’s role would be positive in the future and that the newly formed connections between Greek and Turkish people would be enough to provide a safeguard against the possibility of a prospective crisis between the two neighbors.

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