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Yusuf Çınar

Batman University, Türkiye
Yusuf Çınar
Russia after 2020: Looking ahead after Two Decades of Putin
October 6, 2023
As an editorial work, which makes it difficult for the book to be discussed as a whole, it can be emphasized, in some parts of the book, that the frequent handling of geopolitical reasons in understanding Putin and Russian foreign policy causes the study to fall into repetition in some aspects. The non-laborious language of the book allowed the subjects to be dealt with in depth. In addition, transliteration, spelling, punctuation, and references are shared with the readers at the beginning of the book. An extensive information note is given on the use of English, Russian, and Arabic concepts. This is a non-negligible point showing that the author has worked meticulously to reach the readers of the book. In this respect, the book can be considered useful and important work for students, analysts, and policymakers who are interested in Putin’s Russia.
Potential Alternatives in the Changing World Order
June 25, 2023
Discussions on monopolar and multipolar world order started after the Cold War. World order may generally categorize global norms that support international power balance and hierarchy.1 When the American order had frequent crises after the Cold War, alternative world order discussions were re-triggered. These three works can help us interpret the effects of China, Russia, and Iran on the international system and guide us in understanding the discussions about the alternative world order.

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