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Zehra Çelik

İstanbul Şehir University
Zehra Çelik
The Road Before Me Weeps: On the Refugee Road through Europe
May 17, 2022
Perhaps the most important shortcoming of the book is its lack of a theoretical framework. Thorpe conducted his fieldwork with great effort, spending four years in the field, and he successfully conveys his experiences to the readers. From an academic viewpoint, the lack of a theoretical framework through which to interpret this fieldwork is a fair criticism. However, when it is considered that the author is not an academician but rather a journalist, this lack may be acceptable. Despite this potential shortcoming, The Road Before Me Weeps makes a precious contribution to migration literature, as well as the literature of political science, international relations, and sociology. It deserves the attention of academicians, policymakers, and anyone interested in the sociology and politics of refuge issues. 
East-West Migration in the European Union
November 14, 2018
Migration flows towards Europe, in other words, the migration crisis is a very delicate problem in Europe due to its important political, economic and social consequences for the future of the European countries.

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