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Call for Papers |Environmental Security in Turkey and Beyond

We welcome scholarly papers focusing on the dimensions of environmental security and their impact on Turkey and international politics.

Call for Papers Environmental Security in Turkey and Beyond



Environmental security is a relatively new concept which however is gaining attention in the last years especially after the world was negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Other than that, in the last years, we have witnessed global warming, forest fires, the rise of sea levels, melting of glaciers, etc. As these events come to the fore and directly impact our lives, the concept of environmental security and issues related to it deserves special attention.

Environmental security is not only about the balance in the human-environment interactions but at the same time, it is crucial to national security. Specifically, the environmental change can lead to inter-and intra-state conflict, can directly impact economic growth and it can negatively impact the needs and rights of the people. 

For Turkey, the issue of environmental security is gaining impetus by day considering that many natural disasters in the country have occurred lately, i.e., drought, extreme weather events, earthquakes, forest fires, etc. Other issues such as energy security or eco-terrorism have risen to prominence as well.

This special issue aims to provide a thorough analysis of environmental security and its social, economic, and political effects in the world, with a special emphasis on Turkey. In the light of this, we welcome scholarly papers focusing on the dimensions of environmental security and their impact on international politics. Article submissions could pertain to one or more of the following issues:

  • Resource security and competition for scarce resources, i.e. water and land security
  • Energy security
  • Food security
  • Health security
  • Climate change
  • Population-related problems
  • Violent conflict-related problems, including here war-related environmental damage and violence-related damage to environmental degradation
  • Ecoterrorism
  • Humanitarian and migratory crises because of environmental changes
  • Environmental changes and military changes
  • Application of geoengineering and its impact on political affairs
  • The role of NGOs and IGOs

The editorial team will consider the pool of article submissions received by February 1, 2022, and select those they consider to be of the highest quality. Original articles for consideration would be around 5000-7000 words and should be submitted to the journal through e-mail to [email protected]. The selected articles will undergo a peer-review process before publication.

Please see the contributor instructions on the journal’s website for further information.

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