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Turkey-EU Customs Union Its Modernization and Potential for Turkey-EU Relations

Turkey-EU Customs Union: Its Modernization and Potential for Turkey-EU Relations


The customs union is still one of the most concrete outcomes of Turkey’s gradual integration to the EU. However, due to changes in world trade, EU...

Virtual Neighbors Russia and the EU in Cyberspace

Virtual Neighbors: Russia and the EU in Cyberspace


The last decade has witnessed the consolidation of the European Union as a cybersecurity actor. Many of these developments have, directly or...

Germany and the European Union Post-Brexit Hegemon

Germany and the European Union: Post-Brexit Hegemon


In late-March 2019 the United Kingdom is scheduled to leave the European Union. Will Brexit lead to Germany becoming the EU’s hegemon? The...

Missile Defense in Europe Against Whom

Missile Defense in Europe: Against Whom?


ABSTRACT This article debates the evolution, main purpose and real target of the missile defense system of NATO, entitled the EPAA, focusing on...

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