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Economic Development
Kazakhstan s Multi-Vectorism and Sino-Russian Relations

Kazakhstan’s Multi-Vectorism and Sino-Russian Relations


Using the case of Sino-Russian competition over Central Asian energy and transportation networks, this study asks why Russia has refrained from...

Kazakhstan s Middle Power Response to Terrorism

Kazakhstan’s Middle Power Response to Terrorism


Most studies define states as small, middle, or great in relation to the power of other states. However, how the capabilities of a particular...

Turkey s Comeback to Central Asia

Turkey’s Comeback to Central Asia


Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, Turkey emerged as an influential player in the Muslim and ethnically Turkic republics of Central Asia....

The June 24 Elections On Political Change and the Future

The June 24 Elections: On Political Change and the Future of Turkey


On June 24, 2018, two elections that determine Turkey’s future took place. By focusing on the political transformation that shaped the June 24...

Toward a Privileged Partnership The EU Turkey and the Upgrade

Toward a “Privileged Partnership”: The EU, Turkey and the Upgrade of the Customs Union


Over the past few years, Turkey’s EU membership prospects have further deteriorated amid intensive political crisis between Brussels and Ankara....

Laying the Cornerstone for a New Turkey The June 24

Laying the Cornerstone for a New Turkey: The June 24 Elections


On June 24, 2018, with a participation rate of more than 85 percent, Turkey elected its President and parliamentarians. While determining Turkey’s...

It s a Family Affair Religion Geopolitics and the Rise

It’s a Family Affair: Religion, Geopolitics and the Rise of Mohammed bin Salman


Over the past year, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has experienced a period of rapid transformation under the direction of a new Crown Prince,...

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