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Engineering a European Islam An Analysis of Attempts to Domesticate

Engineering a European Islam: An Analysis of Attempts to Domesticate European Muslims in Austria, France, and Germany


Today, a number of European states’ policies on religion aim at creating a nationalized Islam. In many Western European countries, the Ministries...

Germany and the European Union Post-Brexit Hegemon

Germany and the European Union: Post-Brexit Hegemon


In late-March 2019 the United Kingdom is scheduled to leave the European Union. Will Brexit lead to Germany becoming the EU’s hegemon? The...

Missile Defense in Europe Against Whom

Missile Defense in Europe: Against Whom?


ABSTRACT This article debates the evolution, main purpose and real target of the missile defense system of NATO, entitled the EPAA, focusing on...

The European Union Dilemma of the Kurds High Support for

The European Union Dilemma of the Kurds: High Support for Membership despite Lack of Sufficient Trust


How people in member and candidate states are oriented toward the European Union –meaning, how well they know and how they evaluate the EU– is...

Imposing Particular Identities The Balkans as a Meeting Place of

Imposing Particular Identities: The Balkans as a Meeting Place of Ethnicities and Religions


Since Balkan ethnicities are primarily organized along locally-practiced religious lines, regional monotheistic religions are seen as the source of...

Near Abroad Putin the West and the Contest over Ukraine

Near Abroad: Putin, the West and the Contest over Ukraine and the Caucasus

Book Reviews

Near Abroad is a must-read book for scholars and other readers who are interested in better understanding the relationship between the U.S. and...

Iran s Nuclear Agreement The Three Specific Clusters of Concerns

Iran’s Nuclear Agreement: The Three Specific Clusters of Concerns


When Iran’s nuclear agreement was signed, critics raised questions about the terms of the agreement, its duration and especially about whether the...

Compatibility of “Islam” and “Europe”: Turkey’s EU Accession


Turkey’s membership in the European Union (EU) is contingent on economic, political, and cultural factors. Rather than a geographic area with a...

Negotiating Europe: EU-Turkey Relations from an Identity Perspective


This article analyzes the identity dimension of EU-Turkey relations from the constructivist perspective in international relations theory. It...

Culture of Co-existence in Islam: The Turkish Case


This article aims to show how exchanges.between religion and secularism, Islam and democracy and cross-cultural relations over many years have...

Islam and Democracy: A False Dichotomy


As the AK Party government struggles to keep the ‘EU dream’ alive, and as Kemalist ideocrats work to keep back the AKP’s dominion, lingering...

Europeanizatiaon and Nationalism in the Turkish-Greek Rapprochement


This paper attempts to evaluate the forces behind the Turkish-Greek rapprochement, its prospects and its limitations. In the first part, through an...

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