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Rising Violence against Muslims in India Under Modi and BJP

Rising Violence against Muslims in India Under Modi and BJP Rule


While communal violence has been an ongoing and unfortunate reality for post-colonial and post-partition India, there’s no sidestepping the fact...

Israel Palestine and Apartheid

Israel, Palestine, and Apartheid


The term ‘apartheid’ was coined to describe the system of segregation, practiced for many years in South Africa. However, the 2002 Rome Statute of...

Editor's Note Winter 2020

Editor's Note | Winter 2020

Editor's Notes

Through a wide range of commentaries and articles, this issue of Insight Turkey aims to bring to its readers a comprehensive framework on the...

The Work of Peace History Imperialism and Peacekeeping

The Work of Peace: History, Imperialism, and Peacekeeping


The size and complexity of recent peacebuilding mandates have led scholars to liken these efforts to imperialism, but most are quick to dismiss any...

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