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The Macedonia Name Dispute A Few Drivers and Spoilers of

The Macedonia Name Dispute: A Few Drivers and Spoilers of Success

Early View

In June 2018, after 27 years of negotiations, the governments of Macedonia and Greece signed an agreement to resolve the so-called ‘name dispute’...

Cloud on the Horizon African Migration Transnationalism and Social Osmosis

Cloud on the Horizon: African Migration, Transnationalism, and Social Osmosis


This paper argues that the factors that induce transcontinental and intercontinental African migration are complex and cannot be reduced to...

Islam in the Balkans Globalization Europeanization Localization

Islam in the Balkans: Globalization, Europeanization, Localization

Review Article

The study of European Islam is now experiencing an unprecedented revival. While most of its attention is dedicated to Islam as a minority in...

The Secular Foreign Fighters of the West in Syria

The Secular Foreign Fighters of the West in Syria


The Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) operates under the names of the Democratic Union Party and the People’s Protection Units in Syria. The PKK is...

Europeanizatiaon and Nationalism in the Turkish-Greek Rapprochement


This paper attempts to evaluate the forces behind the Turkish-Greek rapprochement, its prospects and its limitations. In the first part, through an...

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