Insight Turkey
Insight Turkey
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On Turkish politics and International affairs

Identity Conflict and Politics in Turkey Iran and Pakistan

Identity, Conflict and Politics in Turkey, Iran and Pakistan

Book Reviews

This edited volume is a comprehensive text examining the relationship between identity politics and conflict management. The book works across...

State of Emergency Travels in a Troubled World

State of Emergency: Travels in a Troubled World

Book Reviews

The prologue of Navid Kermani’s travelogue describes an eclectic teahouse in Cairo, and what follows is, indeed, an eclectic collection of writings...

The Sovietization of Azerbaijan The South Caucasus in the Triangle

The Sovietization of Azerbaijan: The South Caucasus in the Triangle of Russia, Turkey and Iran, 1920-1922

Book Reviews

The Sovietization of Azerbaijan is a political history of the occupation of the sovereign Azerbaijan state in 1920 by Soviet Russia, and of the...

The Western Balkans in the Transatlantic Security Context Where Do

The Western Balkans in the Transatlantic Security Context: Where Do We Go from Here?


The Western Balkans has traditionally held vital geostrategic importance for European and transatlantic security. Ever since the 1990s, the EU and...

Missile Defense in Europe Against Whom

Missile Defense in Europe: Against Whom?


ABSTRACT This article debates the evolution, main purpose and real target of the missile defense system of NATO, entitled the EPAA, focusing on...

Quo Vadis Turkey-GCC States Relations A Turkish Perspective

Quo Vadis Turkey-GCC States Relations? A Turkish Perspective


With the growing need for more cooperative relations in the face of Iran’s assertive foreign policy following Saddam’s fall, Turkey’s importance as...

Traditional Rivalry or Regional Design in the Middle East

Traditional Rivalry or Regional Design in the Middle East?


The repercussions of the Arab Spring and new polarization between Iran, Israel and the Gulf States means the Middle East faces multiple rivalries...

Domestic Determinants of the U S -Iran Rivalry

Domestic Determinants of the U.S.-Iran Rivalry


Recent studies of diversionary theory focus on domestic determinants of conflict between interstate rivals as well as the strategic behavior of...

The Impact of Religious Factors on Educational Change in Iran: Islam in Policy and Islam in Practice

Book Reviews

All political systems use the public education system to propagate the basic values and principles on which they are based, and when the political...

Saltanatın Dervisleri, Dervislerin SaltanatI: istanbul'da Mevlevilik The Dervishes of Sovereignty

Book Reviews

2007 was the 800th anniversary of the JaIalal al-Din al-Rumi.UNESCO designated 2007 as the Rurni year and a large number of activities were...

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