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Insight Turkey
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On Turkish politics and International affairs

Culture of Co-existence in Islam: The Turkish Case


This article aims to show how exchanges.between religion and secularism, Islam and democracy and cross-cultural relations over many years have...

Secularism in Turkey: Myths and Realities


The Prosecutor of the High Court of Appeals opened a closure case against the ruling AK Party by presenting it as the center of anti-secular...

Islam and Democracy: A False Dichotomy


As the AK Party government struggles to keep the ‘EU dream’ alive, and as Kemalist ideocrats work to keep back the AKP’s dominion, lingering...

Medieval Islamic Political Thought

Book Reviews

Medieval Islamic Political Thought examines political thought based on Islam within the indicated period, as well as the theoretical and practical...

Turkish Perceptions of the West


This article, based on a book published by SETA, looks at the attitudes of Turkish people towards what is conceived as the West and Western...

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