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Insight Turkey > Issues | Turkey's Rising Soft Power - Spring 2008 / Volume 10, Number 2

Turkey's Rising Soft Power

Editor's Notes

Editor's Note
In its new issue Insight Turkey explores the potentials and limits of Turkey's soft power.


Containing the Political Space: Party Closures and the Constitutional Court in Turkey
This article discusses the limits of the freedom of political parties in Turkey. 'The political...

The EU Anchor, Turkish Democracy and the Future of the AK Party
This article analyzes relations between Turkey and the European Union (EU) in the aftermath of...

The Challenge for Turkey's True Friends: the AK Party Closure Case and the West
The recent closure case brought against the ruling Justice and Development Party is a direct...

Russia's Presidential Transition: Implications for Turkey and the Black Sea Region
Russia's new president, Dmitry Medvedev, should be expected to broadly continue his predecessor...


Not Too Far: The Cyprus Crises of 1963-74 and Lessons for Present Day Iraq
The Cyprus tragedy of the past and the Iraq predicament of our times bear striking similarities....

Analyzing the Duma Elections in Russia
This article examines the December 2, 2007 State Duma elections in Russia in terms of their...

A New Power Play in the Balkans: Kosovo’s Independence
This article discusses Kosovo’s independence from a framework of political and legal perspectives...

Turkey's Soft Power: An Unpolished Gem or an Elusive Mirage?
The article reviews the relevance of soft power for the case of Turkey, and assesses whether...

The Possibilities and Limits of Turkey’s Soft Power in the Middle East
Turkey has been traditionally viewed mostly as a hard power in the Middle East, due to its...

Turkey's Potential as a Soft Power: A Call for Conceptual Clarity
Soft power is based on attraction and the ability to persuade others to further one's goals. The...

Hard Power, Soft Power: Toward a More Realistic Power Analysis
This article builds on the insights of critical approaches to the study of power and seeks to lay...


The Importance of Being European: Turkey, the EU and the Middle East
The Hebrew University and the European Commission are to be congratulated on the publication of these trenchant conference papers presented in Berlin in May 2006. In the words of Shlomo Avineri (p. 17), "Just as most European societies have now learned .... to view Jews as an integral part of European history and legacy, so Islam - and Muslims - has to be seen as one of the constitutive elements of Europe- both historically as well as regarding the future':

Book Reviews

The Ottoman Empire, the Balkans and the Greek Lands: Toward A Social and Economic History
This book was a Festschrift in honor of Professor John C. Alexandropoulos, prepared by four of...

The Politics of Turkish Democracy: İsmet inönü and the Formation of the Multi-Party System, 1938-1950
İsmet Inonu, the second president of the Republic of Turkey (1938-1950), is often neglected by...

The Kemalists: Islamic Revival and the Fate of Secular Turkey
İsmet Inonu, the second president of the Republic of Turkey (1938-1950), is often neglected by...

Turkey as a U.S. Security Partner
In his latest monograph on Turkey, veteran RAND foreign policy analyst Stephen Larrabee strikes...

Books for Review

Between Islam and the State: The Politics of Engagement
İn the aftermath of 9/11 the relations between İslam and the secular have increasingly become a matter of scholarly interest.

Call for Paper | Politics of the Balkans and Future Perspectives