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Reclaiming the Umma from the Margins The Case of Türkiye

Reclaiming the Umma from the Margins: The Case of Türkiye’s HÜDA-PAR


This paper investigates the relationship between an ethnic Muslim minority identity and transnational Muslim solidarity through the case study of...

A Three-level Analysis of Turkey s Crisis with the U

A Three-level Analysis of Turkey’s Crisis with the U.S.-led Order


Starting in 2013, Turkish-American relations have been undergoing one of the deepest and most alarming crises since the 1940s. Ankara, a NATO...

Kurdish Politics in the Middle East The Role of the

Kurdish Politics in the Middle East: The Role of the PKK’s Changing Policy in Regional Politics

Review Article

The transformation of the discourses of the PKK since the 2000s is placed virtually at the center of Middle East politics as they relate to the...

The Secular Foreign Fighters of the West in Syria

The Secular Foreign Fighters of the West in Syria


The Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) operates under the names of the Democratic Union Party and the People’s Protection Units in Syria. The PKK is...

Turkey’s New Approaches toward the PKK, Iraqi Kurds and the Kurdish Question


In a sharp break from the past, Turkey’s AK Party government now openly accepts the existence of a domestic Kurdish problem, and views it moreover...

Turkey's Northern Iraq Policy: Competing Perspectives


This article argues that Turkey's approach towards the Kurds of northern Iraq provides analysts with an opportunity to demonstrate that the...

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