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Syrian Women in the Turkish Labor Market Understanding Their Labor

Syrian Women in the Turkish Labor Market: Understanding Their Labor Supply Behavior


This study explores the various dynamics that Syrian women under temporary protection in Türkiye encounter in the labor market. By conducting a...

Africa s Development Trajectory Lessons from China

Africa’s Development Trajectory: Lessons from China

Review Article

Africa has been experiencing an appreciable measure of economic growth since 1995. This palpable improvement in the African condition has meant...

Four Migration Stories Four Turkish Migrants Four Sui Generis Portraits

Four Migration Stories: Four Turkish Migrants, Four Sui Generis Portraits in Germany


This study attempts to analyze the peculiarity of the migration stories of the Muslims in Germany who have emigrated from Turkey. Each of the four...

Toward a Privileged Partnership The EU Turkey and the Upgrade

Toward a “Privileged Partnership”: The EU, Turkey and the Upgrade of the Customs Union


Over the past few years, Turkey’s EU membership prospects have further deteriorated amid intensive political crisis between Brussels and Ankara....

How Do Muslims Respond to Far Right Political Mobilization in

How Do Muslims Respond to Far Right Political Mobilization in Their European State?


This paper evaluates qualitative and quantitative evidence of Muslims’ European identification in France, Austria and the Netherlands while the far...

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