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The Right of Return The Only Future for Palestine

The Right of Return: The Only Future for Palestine


Since the October 7, 2023, the world has been deeply affected by the ongoing conflict in Gaza, resulting in the tragic loss of countless innocent...

Iran Revolution and Proxy Wars

Iran, Revolution, and Proxy Wars

Book Reviews

The book could be enriched further if a few additional points had been addressed. While the book focuses on asymmetrical warfare strategy and proxy...

Key Challenges Facing the Eastern Mediterranean The Future of Regional

Key Challenges Facing the Eastern Mediterranean: The Future of Regional Energy Development


This article provides a critical overview of the key commercial, technical, legal, and political challenges the Eastern Mediterranean region faces...

Islam Beyond Borders The Umma in World Politics

Islam Beyond Borders: The Umma in World Politics

Book Reviews

With different meanings attached and without an overarching formal institution, the umma has nevertheless maintained strong symbolic, normative and...

What Is the Sharia

What Is the Sharia?

Book Reviews

Relevant to contemporary times when Sharia, generally referred to as Islamic law, has been associated with numerous negative connotations –ranging...

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