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The Paradox of Inclusion Exclusion of Islamist Parties in Tunisia

The Paradox of Inclusion/Exclusion of Islamist Parties in Tunisia and Jordan after the Arab Uprisings: A Comparative Study


The public protests that engulfed most Arab regimes in 2011 have since opened a Pandora’s Box of democratization processes in the MENA region. One...

Change and Continuity in Turkey s June 2018 Elections

Change and Continuity in Turkey’s June 2018 Elections


In this paper, we first present a background to the watershed elections of 2018, describing the context preceding the elections. In order to...

Laying the Cornerstone for a New Turkey The June 24

Laying the Cornerstone for a New Turkey: The June 24 Elections


On June 24, 2018, with a participation rate of more than 85 percent, Turkey elected its President and parliamentarians. While determining Turkey’s...

Discussing Recent Literature on Turkish Politics: The Myth within the Myth


This paper challenges the view that the AKP is an "Islamist Party" and "hardly a democratic opening." It puts forward the argument that the AKP's...

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