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The State in North Africa After the Arab Uprisings

The State in North Africa: After the Arab Uprisings

Book Reviews

Overall, the book is a well-researched and very useful contribution to the debates about Arab politics after the uprisings. It could be of benefit...

Islam Beyond Borders The Umma in World Politics

Islam Beyond Borders: The Umma in World Politics

Book Reviews

With different meanings attached and without an overarching formal institution, the umma has nevertheless maintained strong symbolic, normative and...

Reinventing Hybridity in a Globalized Context The Case of Turkish

Reinventing Hybridity in a Globalized Context: The Case of Turkish Soap Operas and Their Reception in Morocco


This article aims to examine Turkish soap operas as a multi-faceted phenomenon that, as a product of cultural hybridization, will also contribute...

The Paradox of Inclusion Exclusion of Islamist Parties in Tunisia

The Paradox of Inclusion/Exclusion of Islamist Parties in Tunisia and Jordan after the Arab Uprisings: A Comparative Study


The public protests that engulfed most Arab regimes in 2011 have since opened a Pandora’s Box of democratization processes in the MENA region. One...

What Is the Sharia

What Is the Sharia?

Book Reviews

Relevant to contemporary times when Sharia, generally referred to as Islamic law, has been associated with numerous negative connotations –ranging...

Terrorism in Africa The Rise of Islamist Extremism and Jihadism

Terrorism in Africa: The Rise of Islamist Extremism and Jihadism


Africa is the springboard for al-Qaeda’s global terrorism in modern history. The U.S. Embassy bombings in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and Nairobi,...

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