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The Theory of War and Peace: The Geophilosophy of Europe

Oleg Bazaluk



Turkish Foreign Policy: International Relations, Legality and Global Reach (Digital Copy) Pınar Gözen Ercan (ed.) 2017 978-3319504513
The Politics of Healthcare Reform in Turkey (Digital Copy) Volkan Yılmaz 2017 978-3319536668

Conditionality, the EU and Turkey: From Transformation to Retrenchment (Online Copy)

Rahime Süleymanoğlu-Kürüm

2018 978-0815379898

Taxing Africa: Coercion, Reform and Development

Mick Moore, Wilson Prichard & Odd-Helge Fjeldstad

2018 978-1783604548

Islamophobia and Radicalization: Breeding Intolerance and Violence (Digital Copy)

John L. Esposito and Derya Iner

2018 978-3319952369

America's Covert War In East Africa: Surveillance, Rendition, Assassination

Clara Usiskin

2019 978-1849044547

Turkey, Kemalism and the Soviet Union: Problems of Modernization, Ideology and Interpretation

Vahram Ter-Matevosyan

2019 978-3319974026

International Relations since 1945: East, West, North, South

Geir Lundestad

2017 978-1473973466

Ideological Roots of the Conflict between Pro-Kurdish and Pro-Islamic Parties in Turkey

Rahman Dag

2017 978-1443855143

Greece and Turkey in Conflict and Cooperation: From Europeanization to De-Europeanization

Alexis Heraclides and Gizem Alioğlu Çakmak

2019 978-1138301887

Polarized and Demobilized: Legacies of Authoritarianism in Palestine

Dana El Kurd

2019 978-1787382138
Islam beyond Borders: The Umma in World Politics (E-Copy)

James Piscatori and Amin Saikal

2019 978-1108666589
Modernist Reformers in Islam, Hinduism and Confucianism, 1865-1935: Peripheral Geoculture in the Modern World-System

Christian Lekon

2019 978-1138187719




A guide for authors

Thank you for agreeing to write a book review for Insight Turkey. The following guidelines are aimed at helping book review authors as to form, content, and the editorial process. Please feel free to contact us if you have additional questions or concerns.

NOTE: To request a book for review, please send an email to

In this email please attach your CV together with the filled and signed Book Review Request Form. Please click here to download the form.


Review Head:

The heading will appear at the top of your review and it must be written in the format below:
Title of Book(s) Being Reviewed
by Author, translated by Translator [if applicable] Publisher, Year, price [paper or cloth], ISBN 978## [no dashes]
reviewed by Your Name Surname - Your Affiliation



A Tale of Four Augusts: Obama’s Syria Policy
By Kılıç Buğra Kanat
İstanbul: SETA Publications, 2016, 297 pages, $30,00, ISBN: 9786054023790.
Reviewed by Rıfat Öncel, Middle East Technical University



Please email your review to  as an attached Word document (.doc) or text file (.rtf). Please do not send the text of the review in the body of your email, as this can cause problems with formatting.



Before beginning the review, consider the following questions:

What should the reader of the review know? What does he or she need to be told?

Book reviews should be addressed to a broad readership of scholars from diverse disciplinary perspectives. We hope that the Insight Turkey book review section will serve as a dynamic forum in which a wide variety of concerns and changes are discussed in depth through the consideration of new and thought provoking work in the fields of Turkish foreign policy, history, politics, international relations and other relevant areas.

The recommended content is as follows: (i) One-third of the review should summarize the books under review; (ii) two-thirds of the review should focus on a critical evaluation and analysis of the book(s) under review. While Insight Turkey book review editor recommends reviewers to bring in their own normative judgements and informed critiques of the books under review, they are also interested in methodological, theoretical and comparative analysis of the books under review. A note at the end about the intended audience of the reviewed books is also recommended.

Some things that reviewers should avoid: quotations that do not clearly illustrate a specific critical issue; long quotations; references to works or authors not generally known to most readers; anecdotes or details about the reviewers themselves, unless these are directly relevant to the argument of the review; biographical details about the author that do not bear directly on the book.



Word count: 800-1200 for book reviews and 2500-3200 for review articles.
Please conform your review to the following text formatting:
   1. Do not use indent for the paragraphs.
   2. Single-spaced throughout document.
   3. All quotations from the book under review should be followed by the relevant page reference in parentheses.
   4. Book titles mentioned in the review should be italicised and book chapters should be written in quotation marks.
   5. If reference is given to a publication other than the reviewed book, add it as an endnote.



Your review will be edited by the Insight Turkey editorial team. If accepted, it will then be emailed to you as a Word document, for you to correct and return. Afterward, it will be sent to the copy editor for proof reading.
Please keep in mind that acceptance for publication is conditional on approval and editing by the book review editor. The book review editor reserve the right to ask that a book be returned if the review is considered unsatisfactory.
You will be contacted by email when the review is posted online and will have an opportunity to check the work for typographical errors before we send the newsletter announcing the new issue.
* There may be additional editing after that in order to fit the review into the space available. 


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