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The Logic Beyond Lausanne A Geopolitical Perspective on the Congruence

The Logic Beyond Lausanne: A Geopolitical Perspective on the Congruence between Turkey’s New Hard Power and its Strategic Reorientation


Turkey’s new expeditionary capability, resting on enhanced naval capacity and new forward bases, is the logical result of Turkey’s post-Cold War...

The Evolved Security Dynamics of South Asia Challenges to Pakistan

The Evolved Security Dynamics of South Asia: Challenges to Pakistan’s Nuclear Threshold


The longstanding unresolved issue of Kashmir serves as a nuclear flashpoint between India and Pakistan. Since 2019, the prevalent security...

Identity Conflict and Politics in Turkey Iran and Pakistan

Identity, Conflict and Politics in Turkey, Iran and Pakistan

Book Reviews

This edited volume is a comprehensive text examining the relationship between identity politics and conflict management. The book works across...

State of Emergency Travels in a Troubled World

State of Emergency: Travels in a Troubled World

Book Reviews

The prologue of Navid Kermani’s travelogue describes an eclectic teahouse in Cairo, and what follows is, indeed, an eclectic collection of writings...

Preventive Detention in Counter-insurgencies The Case of Kashmir

Preventive Detention in Counter-insurgencies: The Case of Kashmir


This paper offers an analysis of preventive detention in the context of the disputed territory of Jammu and Kashmir. It primarily explores the...

What Is the Sharia

What Is the Sharia?

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Relevant to contemporary times when Sharia, generally referred to as Islamic law, has been associated with numerous negative connotations –ranging...

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