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Insight Turkey
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On Turkish politics and International affairs

Persuading through Culture Values and Ideas The Case of Turkey

Persuading through Culture, Values, and Ideas: The Case of Turkey’s Cultural Diplomacy

Early View

Cultural diplomacy always links to and often overlaps with soft power and public diplomacy. Thus, the three notions have entered the lexicon of...

The Role of Croatia in Bosnia and Herzegovina Antemurale Christianitatis

The Role of Croatia in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Antemurale Christianitatis as a Policy of Choice

Early View

The commentary deals with the history of Croatian interference in BiH in the context of the place that BiH and its Muslims hold in the development...

The New Political Islam Human Rights Democracy and Justice

The New Political Islam: Human Rights, Democracy and Justice

Book Reviews

After September 11, Islamophobic approaches in society have become more widespread, and have been observed to appear more regularly. However,...

The Challenge of Ethnic Democracy The State and Minority Groups

The Challenge of Ethnic Democracy: The State and Minority Groups in Israel, Poland and Northern Ireland

Book Reviews

In the midst of political discussions over Israel’s controversial Jewish Nation-state Law adopted in July, re-examining Israel’s alleged ethnic...

Political Campaign Communication Principles and Practices 8th Edition

Political Campaign Communication: Principles and Practices (8th Edition)

Book Reviews

Thoroughly researched, insightful and well into its eighth edition, Political Campaign Communication: Principles and Practices is a seminal text...

Yemen and the Gulf States The Making of a Crisis

Yemen and the Gulf States: The Making of a Crisis

Book Reviews

Yemen and the Gulf States: The Making of a Crisis, an edited volume by Helen Lackner and Daniel Martin Varisco, provides six chapters presented in...

No Questions Asked Development and the Paradox of China s

No Questions Asked? Development and the Paradox of China’s Africa Policy


This paper argues that China’s strategy of engaging African countries through its stated “no questions asked” foreign policy could ultimately be...

Turkey, the U.S. and Iraq

Book Reviews

Nobody has any doubts that today we are in one of the most critical moments of Turkish-U.S. relations. Nobody can deny the gravity of the situation...

Change and Continuity in Turkey s June 2018 Elections

Change and Continuity in Turkey’s June 2018 Elections


In this paper, we first present a background to the watershed elections of 2018, describing the context preceding the elections. In order to...

Applied Oriental Studies of Russia s Own Islam From Orthodox

Applied Oriental Studies of Russia’s Own Islam: From Orthodox Missionaries to Militant Godless and Wahhabis


To date the research of Orientalism in Russia did not present the whole mosaic palette of its competing schools and disciplines. The influential...

The June 24 Elections On Political Change and the Future

The June 24 Elections: On Political Change and the Future of Turkey


On June 24, 2018, two elections that determine Turkey’s future took place. By focusing on the political transformation that shaped the June 24...

The European Union Dilemma of the Kurds High Support for

The European Union Dilemma of the Kurds: High Support for Membership despite Lack of Sufficient Trust


How people in member and candidate states are oriented toward the European Union –meaning, how well they know and how they evaluate the EU– is...

Discussing Recent Literature on Turkish Politics: The Myth within the Myth


This paper challenges the view that the AKP is an "Islamist Party" and "hardly a democratic opening." It puts forward the argument that the AKP's...

Modernity, Identity and Turkey’s Foreign Policy


Despite its unique geographical and cultural position between East and the West, Turkey, throughout its modern history, has followed a...

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