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The World Is Bigger than Five A Salutary Manifesto of

“The World Is Bigger than Five”: A Salutary Manifesto of Turkey’s New International Outlook


President Erdoğan has expressed his objection to the current structure of the UN with the motto “the world is bigger than five.” The international...

Turkey the U S Russia and the Syrian Civil War

Turkey, the U.S., Russia, and the Syrian Civil War


This commentary provides an analysis of the Turkey’s relations with the U.S. and Russia in the context of the Syrian civil war. Owing much to the...

A Three-level Analysis of Turkey s Crisis with the U

A Three-level Analysis of Turkey’s Crisis with the U.S.-led Order


Starting in 2013, Turkish-American relations have been undergoing one of the deepest and most alarming crises since the 1940s. Ankara, a NATO...

Remarks on Turkey s Judicial Reform Strategy Document

Remarks on Turkey’s Judicial Reform Strategy Document


The Judicial Reform Strategy Document, which was announced to the public on May 30, 2019, is the third of Turkey’s reform documents aiming for...

The Crisis of the Liberal World Order and Turkey s

The Crisis of the Liberal World Order and Turkey’s Resistance


With the retreat of liberalism in the Western world and the US withdrawing on many global issues, the international system is undergoing serious...

Prospects for Trilateral Relations between Turkey Serbia and Bosnia and

Prospects for Trilateral Relations between Turkey, Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina


This paper aims to evaluate the trilateral relations between Turkey, Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the course of a proper evaluation of...

Change and Continuity in Turkey s June 2018 Elections

Change and Continuity in Turkey’s June 2018 Elections


In this paper, we first present a background to the watershed elections of 2018, describing the context preceding the elections. In order to...

Kurdish Votes in the June 24 2018 Elections An Analysis

Kurdish Votes in the June 24, 2018 Elections: An Analysis of Electoral Results in Turkey’s Eastern Cities


This article analyzes the voting patterns in eastern Turkey for the June 24, 2018 elections and examines the cross-sectional and longitudinal...

The June 24 Elections On Political Change and the Future

The June 24 Elections: On Political Change and the Future of Turkey


On June 24, 2018, two elections that determine Turkey’s future took place. By focusing on the political transformation that shaped the June 24...

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